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Too Much Love



“Too Much Love” tells the story of Livia, a girl like many, 28 years old, and Umberto, 40 years old, handsome and charming. A great love is born between them.

At first it is a story like any other, but then slowly Umberto’s love becomes excessive, total, obsessive. And slowly Umberto takes over Livia’s life and soul, to the point of destroying her existence.

Livia is blackmailed by Umberto’s declarations of absolute love, frightened and blandened, she cannot understand the trap that has been set for her, but then, with difficulty, she becomes aware and frees herself, even questioning her role as a woman, as it is normally perceived by the society around her.

What at first appears to be a simple love story gradually turns into a tale of the obsession of a hunter who pursues his prey, ready to devour it, in an extreme act of sick love.

Technical Specifications

story and screenplay: Angelo Pasquini, Roberto Tiraboschi and Liliana Cavani
director: Liliana Cavani
set design: Massimiliano Nocente
costumes: Catia Dottori
editing: Massimo Quaglia
photography: Enrico Lucidi
music: Mauro Pagani
producer Rai: Tonino Nieddu
producer: Rai Fiction-Ciao Ragazzi
origin: Italy
lenght: 101 minutes
aired: 27 march 2012

Selected for…


Antonia Liskova (Livia)
Massimo Poggio(Umberto)
Chiara Mastalli (Marta)
Anna Melato (Rina)
Francesca Beggio (Giuliana)
Paco Reconti (padrone di casa)
Edoardo Natoli (Claudio)
Carla Cassola (Miriana)
Maurizio Fanin (Tonetto)