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Productions: Movies > The Guest (1971)

The Guest



A writer has been given permission to visit a mental asylum for his next novel. Here he notices that the treatments given to patients lack medical and social basis, but the doctors don’t accept his criticisms.

He also meets Anna, a woman who has recovered and is discharged under her brother’s surveillance.

Finding a place in he own family and society ends up being very difficult. The advances of a young man frighten her and she finds refuge in the house of her dead uncle and aunt.

Here she relives her past through her fantasies until the police come and take her away.

Technical Specifications

year: 1971
screenplay: Liliana Cavani
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant director: Paola Tallarigo
sets and costumes: Fiorella Mariani
editing: Andreina Casini
photography: Giulio Albonico
music: Gioacchino Rossini
production organizer: Sergio Iacobis
producer: Lotar Film for RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
released by: Sacis
origin: Italy
film: 16 mm (blown up to 35 mm)
lenght: 93 minutes

Selected for…

  • XXXII Venice Film Festival, 1971
  • XXIV Cannes Film Festival (“Quinzaine des Réalisateurs”), 1971


Lucia Bosè (Anna)
Glauco Mauri (Piero)
Peter Gonzales (Luciano)
Alvaro Piccardi (Anna’s brother)
Giancarlo Caio (Doctor)
Gian Piero Frondini
Alfio Galardi
Maddalena Gillia
Maria Luisa Salmaso
Lorenzo Piani


  • “Targa AIACE”, 1972
  • “Timone d’oro”, 1972