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Productions: Movies > The Berlin Affair (1985)

The Berlin Affair



Berlin, 1938. Louise is the young wife of a high-ranking Nazi officer. She starts a relationship with Mitsuko, the daughter of the Japanese ambassador. Her husband Heinz finds out and chooses to tolerate it.

Meanwhile the Nazi regime starts a moralizing campaign to get rid of inappropriate characters but the man lets himself be seduced by Mitsuko.

This love triangle ends up being a foursome with the arrival of Benno, the Japanese woman’s Italian lover who blackmails Louise.

The scandal explodes and Heinz and the two women have to escape to Hamburg.

The story ends with Heinz and Mitsuko’s death, both poisoned by Mitsuko herself.

Technical Specifications

story: Liliana Cavani
screenplay: Liliana Cavani, Roberta Mazzoni, adapted from “The Buddhist Cross” by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant director: Paola Tallarigo
set design: Luciano Ricceri
set dresser: Verde Visconti
costumes: Alberto Verso for Mio Takaki, Jusaburo Tsujimura
editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
photography: Dante Spinotti
music: Pino Donaggio
production organizer: Mario Cotone
executive producer: John Thompson
producers: Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus for Cannon Productions (Rome), Italian International Film (Rome), KF-Kinofìlm Produktions Gmbh (Munich)
released by: Italian International Film
origin: Italy-Germany (BDR)
film: 35 mm, color
lenght: 122 minutes

Selected for…

  • XXXVI Berlin Film Festival, 1986


Gudrun Landgrebe (Louise)
Kevin McNally (Heinz)
Mio Takaki (Mitsuko)
Massimo Girotti (Werner)
Philippe Leroy (Herbert)
William Berger (The Professor)
Andrea Prodan (Joseph Benno)
John Steiner
Enrico Maria Scrivano
Claudio Lorimer
Tomoko Tanaka