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De Gasperi. The Man of Hope



The Italian TV film is dedicated to the famous Italian statesman Alcide De Gasperi, an undeservedly forgotten politician to whom Italy owes so much.

Born in Trentino (at the time Austrian territory), he studied in Austria and became a member of that Parliament, but later he fought for the independence of his land.

He was active early on in the Partito popolare supported by Don Sturzo, but with the advent of Mussolini’s government his activity ended and he was marginalised and even imprisoned.

At the outbreak of World War II, De Gasperi went into hiding and joined the CLN (National Liberation Committee).

At the end of the war, he became Prime Minister of the newly formed Italian Republic. Together with Adenauer he worked on the project of a United Europe.
Victim after a few years of internal political disagreements within his party, he is replaced in government.

The account of De Gasperi’s life, says Cavani, ‘was like bathing in very clean water’.

Technical Specifications

screenplay: Massimo De Rita, Mario Falcone
director: Liliana Cavani
historical consultant: prof. Augusto D’Angelo
collaborazione supervisione storica: Maria Romana De Gasperi
set design: Tonino Zera
costumes: Alessandro Lai
make-up: Franco Corridoni
editing: Massimo Quaglia
photography: Claudio Sabatini
live sound engineer: Gilberto Martinelli
digital visual effects: Visualogie
music: Paolo Vivaldi
casting: Adriana Sabbatini
production director: Angelo Zemella
production supervision: Anna Maria Moroni
producer Rai: Tonino Nieddu, Fabrizio Zappi
producer: Claudia Mori for Ciao Ragazzi (APT)
origin: Italy
lenght: 134 minutes
aired: two episodes, Rai 1, 25 and 26 April 2005

Selected for…


Fabrizio Gifuni (Alcide De Gasperi)
Sonia Bergamasco(Francesca Romani)
Ana Caterina Morariu(Maria Romana De Gasperi)
Camilla Filippi (Lucia De Gasperi)
Giselda Volodi (Marcella)
Pamela Saino (Cecilia De Gasperi)
Costanza Sebastiani (Paola De Gasperi)
Stefano Scandaletti (Pietro Romani)
Toni Bertorelli (don Sturzo)
Luigi Petrucci
Alfredo Pea
Diego Ribon
Roberto Accornero
Franco Trevisi
Daniele Griggio
Mattia Sbragia
Massimo Poggio
Federico Russo
Carlo Greco
Andrea Castelli
Paco Reconti