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Productions: Movies > The Night Porter (1974)

The Night Porter



Max is an ex-SS who worked in a concentration camp and is now a night porter in a hotel where he meets again Lucia, a Jewish woman who had been deported during the war.

An insane passion explodes between the two of them as the memories of the horrors and sexual wretchedness inside the camp resurface.

Old colleagues of Max decide to eliminate Lucia because she’s a dangerous witness of their past.

The man barricades himself with Lucia inside his apartment where they fight to exhaustion and their erotic relationship reaches new heights.
The two will get killed while trying to escape.

Technical Specifications

screenplay: Liliana Cavani, Italo Moscati
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant director: Franco Cirino, Paola Tallarigo
set design: Jean Marie Simon, Nedo Azzini
costumes: Piero Tosi
editing: Franco Arcalli
photography: Alfio Contini
music: Daniele Paris
producers: Robert Gordon Edwards, Esa De Simone for Lotar Film
released by: Italnoleggio Cinematografico
origin: Italy
film: 35 mm, color
lenght: 113 minutes (original version 123′)

Selected for…

  • V Belgrade Film Festival, 1975
  • Teheran Film Festival, 1975


Dirk Bogarde (Max)
Charlotte Rampling (Lucia)
Philippe Leroy (Klaus)
Gabriele Ferzetti (Hans)
Giuseppe Addobbati (Stumm)
Isa Miranda (Countess Stein)
Nino Bignamini (Adolf)
Marino Masè (Atherton)
Amedeo Amodio (Bert)
Geoffrey Coplestone (Kurt)
Manfred Freiberger (Dobson)
Ugo Cardea (Mario)
Hilde Gunther (Greta)
Nora Ricci (Fräulein Holler)


  • “Consorzio Stampa Cinematografica”, 1974
  • “Premio Riccione” for best director, 1974
  • “Premio Eur”, 1974
  • “Grand Prix Cinema de Elle”, Paris, 1974