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Productions: Movies > Beyond Obsession (1982)

Beyond Obsession



Nina has a morbid relationship with her stepfather who’s in jail for having murdered her mother.

Nina could prove that he’s innocent because in fact her mother committed suicide when she found out of her daughter’s relationship with her husband, but she’d rather keep him locked up so that she can control and dominate him.

She manages to get him house arrests by raising money with drug and sex parties.

Matthew is a young American who falls in love with Nina and marries her. But it takes Nina a short while to leave him for her old stepfather who is now free and completely dependent on his stepdaughter.

Technical Specifications

screenplay: Liliana Cavani, Enrico Medioli
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant director: Paola Tallarigo
set design: Dante Ferretti
set dresser: Verde Visconti
costumes: Piero Tosi
editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
photography: Luciano Tovoli
sound: Jean Pierre Ruh
music: Pino Donaggio
production director: Roberto Giussani
producer: Francesco Giorgi for Futur Film ‘80, RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Cineriz Distributori Associati
released by: Cineriz, Sacis
origin: Italy
film: 35 mm, color
lenght: 108 minutes

Selected for…

  • XLIII Venice Film Festival (“Sezione Vittorio De Sica”), 1982
  • XXX San Sebastian Film Festival, 1982


Marcello Mastroianni (Enrico)
Eleonora Giorgi (Nina)
Tom Berenger (Matthieu)
Michel Piccoli(Mutti)
Cecily Brown (Mrs. Moretti)
Paolo Bonett (Assam)
Maria Sofia Amendola
Enrico Bergier
Marcia Briscoe


  • “Segno d’argento”, 1983