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Productions: Movies > Ripley’s game (2002)

Ripley’s game



Tom Ripley has managed to hide his past criminal life behind a façade of respectability: he is now a dignified art dealer.

He meets Jonathan who despises him because he sees him as the usual classless American nouveau riche, to the point that he insults him in public.

When an old accomplice tracks Tom down asking him for a hit man, Ripley suggests Jonathan. The framer is not only above suspicion, but he’s also very ill and he accepts the job with the promise of getting an appointment with a doctor who will be able to cure him.

This will be the beginning of a series of murders for both Ripley and Jonathan that will come to a dramatic end.

Technical Specifications

screenplay: Charles McKeown, Liliana Cavani, based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith
director: Liliana Cavani
set design: Francesco Friger
set dresser: Verde Visconti
costumes: Fotini Dimou
make-up: Enrico lacoponi
editing: Jon Harris
photography: Alfio Contini
sound: Candido Raini
music: Ennio Morricone
production director: Nigel Goldsack
production organizer: Guido de Laurentiis
producers: Helen Maisel, Simon Bosanquet, Riccardo Tozzi for Baby Films, Cattleya, Mr. Mudd
executive producers: Russell Smith, Mark Ordesky, Rolf Mittweg, Carmela Galano, Marco Chimenz
released by: Fine Line Features, New Line International
origin: Great Britain-Italy
film: 35 mm, color
lenght: 110 minutes

Selected for…

  • LXII Venice Film Festival, 2002
  • Hamptons International Film Festival, 2002


John Malkovich (Tom Ripley)
Dougray Scott (Jonathan Trevanny)
Ray Winstone (Reeves)
Lena Headey (Sarah Trevanny)
Chiara Caselli (Luisa Ripley)
Sam Blitz
Evelina Meghnagi
Paolo Paoloni
Maurizio Lucà
Jurij Rosstalnyi
Nickolaus Deutsch