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The Cannibals

The Cannibals - Poster


A city where the streets are filled with dead bodies that can’t be buried. The dictatorship forbids the burial of these bodies of executed rebels because, by keeping them on display, they’re used as a deterred to revolts.

Antigone’s brother is one of these who have been killed and she wants to give him a proper burial. Tiresia is a foreigner who speaks an unknown language and offers to help her.

They continue burying other bodies until they’re caught and executed.
But their sacrifice inspires other citizens to defy the government who start to bury the bodies of the rebels.

Technical Specifications

year: 1969
story: Liliana Cavani
screenplay: Italo Moscati, Liliana Cavani
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant directors: Gianni Amelio, Ugo Novello, Paola Tallarigo
sets and costumes: Ezio Frigerio
editing: Nino Baragli
photography: Giulio Albonico
music: Ennio Morricone
production organizer: Giuseppe Francone
production director: Federico Tofi
producers: Enzo Doria, Bino Cicogna for Doria-San Marco Film
released by: Euro International Films
origin: Italy
film: 35 mm, colore, Techniscope
lenght: 88 minutes

Selected for…

  • Spoleto Film Festival, 1970
  • XXIII Cannes Film Festival (“Quinzaine des Réalisateurs”), 1970
  • 1970 VIII New York Film Festival, 1970
  • XIV San Francisco Film Festival, 1970
  • XIV London Film Festival, 1970


Pierre Clement (Tiresia)
Britt Ekland (Antigone)
Francesco Leonetti (Haemon’s father)
Delia Boccardo (Ismene)
Marino Masè (Ismene’s fiancé)
Cora Mazzoni (Antigone’s mother)
Francesco Arminio (Antigone’s father)
the actors of the “Comunità teatrale Emilia Romagna”

and special appearance by
Thomas Milian (Haemon)


  • “Targa AIACE”, 1970