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The Francis we’re proposing is based on recent historical findings and will be told through his most important relationships.

Clare of Assisi comes from a noble family and was the first to see Francis’ spiritual potential. She’ll run away from home to follow him, thus cutting all ties with her family.

She’ll be the person Francis will go to for advice during his difficulties and one of the few who will remain true to Francis’ spirituality till her death.

Elias of Cortona is Francis’ friend, but also his antagonist.
From humble origins, he’ll work his way up the social ladder by studying hard and receiving various degrees from the University of Bologna.

He’s ambitious and nothing will stop him from becoming successful.
He studied to become rich and can’t understand how Francis can turn away from his father’s wealth and how he can influence other young rich men to do the same.

But when he sees that Francis’ success is becoming international, he decides to join the winner on the triumph wagon, turning in a sort of manager of the movement.

He wants to help and organize the Church’s control over Francis’ community: this popular young movement counteracts well with the recent heretical groups, and can only but benefit the Ecclesia.

But the words left by Francis in his will and the tenacity of his followers of the likes of Clare, speak of an extraordinarily contemporary adventure.

Technical Specifications

screenplay: Liliana Cavani, Mario Falcone, Gianmario Pagano, Monica Zapelli
story: Liliana Cavani, Mario Falcone, Gianmario Pagano
director: Liliana Cavani
assistant director: Tommaso Pagliai
set design: Giantito Burchiellato
set dresser: Enzo Forletta
costumes: Lia Francesca Morandin
post production: Alessandro Perrella
editing: Massimo Quaglia
photography: Enrico Lucidi
music: Mauro Pagani
music editions: Rai com spa, Lunapark ed. mus. and Discograf. srl
casting: Lilia Trapani, Gianni Laricchiuta, Alessandro Trapani for Studio T
production organizer: Angelo Zemella
RAI supervisor at the Italian Edition: Silvana Landi
production supervision: Anna Maria Moroni
producer Rai: Leonardo Ferrara and Tonino Nieddu
producer: Claudia Mori for Ciao Ragazzi!
origin: Italy
lenght: 193 minutes
aired: two-part TV miniseries, RAI 1, 8 and 9 December 2014

Selected for…


Attore (ruolo)
Mateusz Kosciukiewicz (Francesco)
Sara Serraiocco (Chiara)
Vinicio Marchioni (Elia)
Giselda Volodi (Pica, Francesco’s mother)
Benjamin K. Sadler (as “Ugolino”)
Michael Schermi (Leone)
Robin Mugnaini (Pietro Cattani)
Niccolo’ Senni (Rufino)
Mattia Sbragia (Pelagio)
Fabio Bussotti (Silvestro)
Tiziana Bagatella (Chiara’s mother)
Angela Curri (Agnese)
Giulio Pampiglione (councilor Pandolfini)
Mehdi Moinzadeh (sultan Al Malik Al Kamil)
Ludwig Blochberger (Innocent III)
Michele Balducci (Illuminato)
Claudio Ammendola (Angelo)
Beniamino Brogi (Bernardo)
Paolo Bernardini (Guido)
Paco Reconti (Raniero)
Domenico Fortunato (Bishop of Assisi Guido I)
Diego Ribon (lawyer father of Francis)
Brenno Placido (Masseo)
Giulio Maria Corso (leper)
Francesca Agostini (sister Paola)
Carla Cassola (leper’s mother)
Emilia Verginelli (Alina, Chiara’s friend)
Rutger Hauer (as the “father of Francis”)