Liliana CAVANI
Castello dei Pio, Carpi (Modena), headquarters of the Foundation

The Association was created by the City of Carpi, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Carpi and Alfredo Santini, a local entrepreneur in 1991, even if it was already operational since 1990, with the intent of organizing retrospective sof Liliana Cavani’s movies and a study conventions.

The Association was founded with the intent of collecting, preserving, maintaining and distributing the director’s cinema, audiovisual and literary work and to save it from being damaged or lost because of un-proper conservation and make it available for scholars, critics, and film associations. The Association’s other purpose is to collect, preserve and file publications, acts and documents concerning the director’s work and to promote research and study of her work through conventions, university thesis, exhibitions, festivals and so on.

The Association has put together a vast video and film collection of Liliana Cavani’s work, from documentaries to her television work, to her movies and to her most recent work in the Opera.

The films have been entrusted to Bologna’s Film Library where they are properly preserved and distributed.

At Carpi’s video archive her movies, shorts, documentaries and operas that have been broadcast on television are available to the general public, while iconographic and documents on paper can be found at the city’s archives.


Associazione Fondo Liliana Cavani
presso Assessorato alle Politiche culturali del Comune di Carpi
via San Rocco 5 - 41012 Carpi (MO)
tel. 059/649905 - fax 059/649901